A.D.D. and Letting Go:2014


A.D.D. and Letting Go: 2014 . . . in honor of the best editor/friend I’ve ever known.

No more resolution for the New Year, but, instead, Good, Very good, and Superbly Good Ideas for the New Year.

Very Good Ideas

Letting Go of who we think we are supposed to be.                                                           Letting Go of who we think we should grow into.
Letting Go of who others think we are meant to be.
Letting Go of who we thought we ought to be, but that never really fits.

Letting Go of settling for less than we hoped for.
Letting go of fear that we won’t live up to some standard outside of ourself, such as being named as “Best of the “class,” achieving the “highest grades,” or running the “fastest,” and being the “best” of the group.
Letting go of identifying success with competitions and winning.

More Good Ideas

To become the person who reflects our True Self—the person we are naturally, made as we were born to be. And that is Good.
To become the person we judge as fitting what we truly like and want, so that we can be proud of ourselves despite what the culture judges to be valuable.
For, you see, no one ever realizes as well as we do what is truly important and valuable for each of us despite what others value at a given time.

A Superbly Good Idea

Let us seriously consider not giving other people the power to judge us, but instead judge whether we’ve done the best of which we are both capable of doing and believe is good for us to do.

When we follow our own Superb Good Ideas,

we each become The Winners of our Life.   

Try this on for size in 2014.

Lynn Weiss, who believes what I write or you’d not see it in this blog.

Happy Holiday, 2013

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