A.D.D., the World’s Greatest “Big Picture”

Hard to believe that a year has gone by since I signed the contract to write Embracing A.A.D., A Healing Perspective. At that time, I was excited and nervous with an ADD head full of mass confusion.

Oh, yes, I may write the books on ADD, but that doesn’t mean I escape the wonderful and cumbersome difficulties associated with my ADD brain. I love everything about ADD and I need to accommodate some of the attributes that serve me.

For example: One of my favorite attributes is that those of us with an ADD style of brain  see the “Big Picture” first and then extrapolate the details from it to translate that picture into a verbal (Linear) form that organizes the content for all to read.

Here’s how it went with Embracing A.D.D., A Healing Perspective.                                                  Taylor Trade Publishers bought the book in August after accepting a prose description of the big picture I carried in my head. I knew enough because of earlier books, some 16 that there was no use in writing a formal Linear outline. Why? Because I would only end up getting totally lost and anyway, changing it as I wrote. So why waste the time? 

You see in the early phase, I don’t think in a straight line. Instead I  see patterns and think feelings and how things function and then put the patterns and functions together and begin to come up with a logical pattern that will flow from one area of content to another. That’s the ADD Way.

I know not to get struck immobile by this unsual way of beginning a book or really anything for that matter. But, I must admit, it’s a bit unnerving because sometimes it takes time for the little pieces to find their way to like-kinds or related-kinds of content. So, I was unnerved last fall. All I could do was write little notes and pages of ideas and try to file them in a fashion that I could find them later on when I wanted to put them together with something else that was filed somewhere else.

By late January of 2013, I had my first glimpse of the first two sections of the book that dealt with ADD as a Diversity issue, having emerged as an the outgrowth of the history of how I came upon this view of  what had previously been seen from the perpective of the medical model.

This was a huge step. I was dedicated and knew the passion in my heart when telling the stories of those who, as you will see, learn to embrace their way of being happy with their innate brainstyle instead of feeling that something is wrong . . . as they and I once had. What joy!

See you soon. Let me hear from you as this blog gives you a preview of a book in the making. It can change your life as we experience a socio-cultural transition in the making and learn to embrace our Attention Deficit Disorder.

With caring and smiles, Lynn


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2 Responses to A.D.D., the World’s Greatest “Big Picture”

  1. Jacob says:

    Looking forward to it! Hope you are well!

  2. Lynn Weiss says:

    Thanks, Jacob. You’re part of my inspiration. Keep up the good work, and I will, too. Lynn

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