ADD in Business and Brainstorming

Those of us with an ADD style of brain construction tend to pay attention to the patterns and relationships within the big picture. Our focus of attention tends to be on the relationship between details rather than on the details themselves. We are attracted to seeing the interconnections and patterns that are formed between things and groups.

I remember when I first realized this. I was using a touch tone phone when they came out in the 1960s. Not having a good memory for numbers, I was at a loss to recall anyone’s telephone number if I wasn’t staring at a piece of paper with the hand-written digits on it.

One day I remember, I was particularly stressed about not recalling a number I regularly needed to dial. Suddenly, I saw a pattern in the phone keyboard’s four rows of numbers and symbols. By moving from the top of a cross (#2 on the keyboard) to the bottom (0) and then from (#4) on the left to the (#6) on the right, The Sign of the Cross was outlined. That design left the phone number sufficiently emblazoned on my brain to recall thereafter.

Now let’s say you want to write a story or create a business plan or design a new invention. Begin by doing a brainstorming session. Call out words that pop into your mind when you think about any part of the project. Write them on a white board at random. Avoid making neat lists. Just scatter the words and symbols all over the board. When you have as many as you want, connect those that seem to go together. One may be on the right side of the board, another on the bottom, or right or middle of the board. As you have as many pairs as call to you, begin to see which of these pairs when joined make a group. Continue to build in this way.

Soon you will notice that certain groups of words will guide your planning for the beginning of the project. You’ll notice other groups suggest testing the project. These will belong at the end. Continue by seeing which ideas and symbols seem to fit the middle part of your project building. In this way, your ADD brainstyle will be guiding you to use the functions of the pieces to create the sequence of construction for the project.

Soon, almost effortlessly, you will likely find that your writing, or planning, or construction logically moves from beginning to middle, to end. Cognitively, you will be in for a surprise at how much more easily this “outline” is achieved than when you try to work straight forward from beginning to end using details in order to achieve an outline. Thus you will have achieved your goal in an ADD way.

Let me hear from you with examples that reflect your gift of using the patterns and relationships between the details of a project in order to construct the project without needing to necessarily work from beginning to end sequentially. Let’s hear from time you wish you’d known about this ADD way of doing things. How did it feel?

This way we can get a dialogue going and learn from one another. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn Weiss,
Live from your True Self

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