The Continuum of ADD Linear vs Analogue

My best friend, Judy, and I talked for an hour this morning. There are a few facts that you ought to know about us:

  •  We’ve known each other for nearly 30 years.
  •  We are as different as day from night in relation to almost everything: pleasurable activities, perspective of situations, likes and dislikes from chocolate to travel agendas, and ways in which we think.
  •  We totally trust each other and from time to time have completely depended upon each other in serious/emergency situations.
  • My brainStyle is definitely, seriously, emphatically ADD.
  • I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that Judy’s brainStyle is not ADD and is definitely, seriously, emphatically non-ADD.
  • She’s processes information and expressed content in a totally Linear way while I process information and express content in a totally Analogue way.

Judy is probably the person who is responsible for my developing the idea of an ADD-non ADD Continuum. No, she didn’t come up with the idea, but I simply couldn’t ignore how we were with each other, so had to go around observing a lot of people to figure out what was going on with us.

And lo and behold, I figured out that brainStyles in all probability fall along a horizontal line with an ADD/Analogue style being at one end of the line and non-ADD/Linear style at the other.

I already knew that one didn’t simply have ADD, but had more or fewer ADD traits. So if we started on the right side of the line with all ADD traits, moved toward the left side, we’d have fewer and few ADD traits until we got to the left end where there were none—finding a pure Linear type of person. (It’s may be a Bell Shaped Curve, but that’s not “proven” at this point in time.

People who fall in the middle of the line are called Bridge People having the same number Analogue and Linear traits.

ADD / ADHD Continuum Theory by Lynn Weiss Ph.D ADD / ADHD Pioneer

The Brainstyle Continuum Mode

Thanks to Judy, for helping clarify this way thinking about ADD. And thanks to you for sharing your observations that will continue to help all of us understand  what ADD is truly about as we Embrace this wonderful way of being. Let me hear from you.

Live from your True Self,

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