Family Dynamics I have a Child with ADD!

It’s hard when you are the only ADD one in our family.

Love goes a long way, but it’s still hard when you’re the only one who likes to ply the skills that make you who you are and those skills are not shared with others. For example, if you’re the only one who want to do creative, inventive work, messiness may be your best friend, with project dominating the linear interior design of every room you inhabit in your house. You try to be neat, but how can that happen when your whole world needs to be within your Big Picture range so that you can put the pieces together in your mind as you head toward a finished goal.

There’s everyone else working out their solutions to goals on paper. Nice and neat. Orderly questioning and  low key planning. And then, whatever they’re doing, your beloved sibs, parents, grandparents, cousins, seem to be fitting a model that you neither care about nor can attain.

If you are a part of a loving, calm family, they accepts you as you are, you may blossom by yourself, accepted because of your diversity.

But if the way you are bothers the others, especially parents, you may be scolded, criticized or looked askance at for the way your are. I always remember the precious child of seven whose mom brought her in to see me, thinking there was something wrong with her.

I immediately could have embraced the little girl who was inquisitive, talkative, and loved to explore everything around her. She was a “little Lynn.”

When I met with the parents, and the child’s nine year old brother, I understood. They were all very Linear in nature, all played string instruments and were very serious about their music, they were quiet by nature and sat still, easily. To them, there was something wrong with the youngest member of their family.

Though the family couldn’t really understand the differences, they began to try to put themselves in the child’s shoes. Slowly they came to appreciate her and found others of like-kind for her to be with so she discovered there was nothing wrong with her. A good ending.

Live from your True Self,

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