Assert Your Power Poem by Lynn Weiss

Assert Your Power

NEED HELP?  Ask for it!
LISTEN to the Answer
Be POLITE but Firm
If Turned Down,
Find Someone Else to ASK.
Don’t Stop Looking
and Asking Until
You Get Help.
to your HELPER!

Next it’s your time to give back
Say “Thank you for letting me help you.”
Keep asking for help for yourself. Most people like to be asked.
Keep giving. Most people like to get.
Keep taking what is offered.
Thus, you become a Grateful person living a Grateful, Fulfilled life.

Live from your True Self,

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2 Responses to Assert Your Power Poem by Lynn Weiss

  1. Cary Stillwell says:

    Hi Lynn! You are so good! I love and miss you.
    As you know, I’m a highly creative person with the ADD brainstyle. In the truest sense of the phrase opposites attract, I’m married a linear guy 6 years ago. Needless to say, we don’t always see eye to eye. I’ve often wondered why he married me. And if asked why I married him, well…do I need to say because he’s stable? A rock? Dependable? You know…any and all of those things I’m not but have wished I was for most of my life.

    I’ve never made money by collecting the traditional monthly or bi-weekly paycheck. A time clock gives me heart palpitations and if I was asked to answer a phone just because it’s ringing, i’d come closer to ripping it out of the wall so it couldn’t. These days, however, most relationships are 50-50. It’s sort of presumed that both man and wife will bring home a paycheck. Especially in my case where there are no children to raise.

    For the first few years of marriage I tried to prove my worth going that traditional route…resume, interview, job, paycheck. Four years later I was right back where I started plus a few additional burned bridges. So, without any real discussion about it, I decided, screw it. I’ll go it my way and hope he hangs around.

    Not discovering I had ADD brainstyle until nearly 40, I’d developed many of these skills you talk about in this blog, such as finding “function” for a project and putting an outline together by writing random words and thoughts on the wall in no particular order and looking for connections. I went to work. Initially, I tried to explain to my Linear Love what I was working on until I finally decided that too must be my secret. A year an half later, I haven’t received a paycheck yet, but my project is taking shape and it has pieces now identifiable to the Linear Loves of the world. I get the impression that mine might believe there’s paycheck potential. Now he gives me a teeny-tiny head nod after show and tell, far more advanced than the deer in the headlights look. Although he’s still around, which should give some sense of security that he approves of what I’m doing, the low self worth part of me is still a skeptic.

    Until last month when he brought me a gift. It was a pendant. Engraved on it are the words “Never never never give up.”

    So this is my power poem…
    My way is not your way, Linear Love,
    It doesn’t have to be.
    There is many a Linear Love,
    Who trusts intangibles they cannot see.
    God, Heaven, even Capitalism,
    Linears blindly accept will fill their cup.
    Surely, the brains of an analogue system,
    Wouldn’t scare you likes of Donald Trump.
    In fact,
    The Linear Love that embraces the Analogue,
    And assures them to never never never give up,
    Will be rewarded with dividends beyond financial:
    Gratitude, devotion, admiration,
    not to mention…Fun.
    For without the minds of the ADD,
    In this world, there would be none.

    Love, Cary

  2. Lynn Weiss says:

    My dear Cary,
    You continue to be the best: honest, open, and not one to quit.
    Yes, that’s power: the power to say the truth, for it is fear that speaks untruths.
    Yes, your heart is still open—not sealed off for protection or projection, when you see your fears coming at you from someone else.
    And, perhaps, though errors and tears, rants and guilt, overwhelm and depression can cloud the path that you wish to follow to express the good things that belong to you, you find that you do not stop. You do not quit.
    So, you live and learn and thus, cannot but help gain what you want, pulling it to the beautiful you, through tears and sunshine. You cannot help but win, Power Woman.
    Love back at you, Cary

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