Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults – A new (as yet untitled) book calling for your input

I’m working on a new ADD Book– JOIN ME!      

I’m looking for examples of the many ways in which Attention Deficit Disorder affects those of us with this wonderful, much mis-understood style of brain construction. 

I don’t intend to rehash previous books because I already covered the basic material. However, after reviewing my last book on ADD,  Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults (Fourth edition, published in 2006), I realize the next step is to extend the three concepts that I only allotted seven pages to in that book: “The True You, The Wounded You, and the Accommodating You” (pp. 5 – 11) To do that, I want your input. Your experiences are important to me and the many people who will learn and gain hope from The New, True, ADD Book (working title).

I would love to hear your story if you have either been identified with an A.D.D.  style of brain construction or have heard enough about it’s characteristics to be fairly sure you have the style based on attributes that you know are associated with the style.   (If you’d like to participate, and want to learn a bit more before telling me your story, take a look at Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults fourth edition) Then, if what you read sounds rather familiar in your life I’d like to hear from you.

Here’s what I’m looking for (you choose which method works best for you):

  • The first way is to briefly tell me about the issues you’ve had with ADD attributes. No more than 300 words, please. I’ll ask for fuller stories later. You don’t need to write a literary work. A list would do just fine. Sum up the “seemingly ADD” issues you’ve had. Usually these will have shown up when you were in school, on the job, and in relationships.
  • The second way to respond is to address one of the three aspects I’m going to concentrate on in the book.
    •  A). These are The True You – the core of your True Self from which your talents and skills grew from birth on. It is the unwarped, unjudged, unwounded, natural you. It may have lain dormant for years as you became a package of learned behaviors.  Or perhaps the True You may have been disallowed for a time until your true skills and talents came into full bloom as originally intended from your True Self.                                                                                                                                                      B). The Wounded You – that may have manifested as lost confidence in yourself. You may have  suffered lowered self-esteem or may have been terribly hurt from the stresses you faced in school, the family and/or relationships, and later, on the job. Remember, no matter how poorly you feel, you can feel better and re-connect to original talents that automatically change the quality of your life. 
    • C). The Accommodating You – that is the part of you that has rediscovered the True You and has experienced healing to the Wounded You. However, you have found that you will still encounter the imperfect world of everyday life. Your natural ways will not fit into every setting in which you operate. You will need to learn skills to bridge the differences between your innate skills and the expections placed on you. Of supreme importance, however, you will accommodate the differences without wounding (hurting) yourself.

So, once again, I invite you to tell me about yourself. Simply share the most meaningful details of how ADD has affected your life for good and ill in one of the ways I mention above. Remember to keep it short. You are important. By beginning a dialogue with me, you will become an important part in the development of this book, The New, True ADD Book.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you. Lynn

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  1. Donna Gumm says:

    A male Counselor was impeding my educational & vocational goals. He is Tramplex Tom. After several conversations with supervisors I had, he got a promotion to oversee all the boys at the Vocational schools and I now have his female supervisor who is my new counselor. There is a God!

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