Becoming All You Want To Be

We, the people, Linear, Analogue, or Bridge, have work to do. First, we need to grow to and through adulthood in order to reach our innate potential. Then, we must use the skills and attributes with which we were born. We must weave in the experiences we have acquired along the way to our current age. Then, our extraordinary innate potential can safely appear.  The way our wonderfulness shows itself will vary greatly. There is a place for each and every one of us with all our variations regardless of what others say or the society claims is “good,” “needed,” or “valued.”

The name we have given this innate potential is The True You. Ultimately, finding, building, and healing this True You is what each of our lives is about.

There is also likely to be a Wounded You—a part of you that has been hurt, shortchanged, the victim of cultural beliefs or other’s misguided actions. Stress, hurt, and ignorance have all created issues that need to be remedied for you to reach your True You.

Finally, there’s The Accommodating You. Once you have healed sufficiently to clear the pathway to who you were always meant to be, the True You, you are ready to share your skills, hopes, and dreams with the world at large. You can learn how to make adjustments that are needed to accommodate to a primarily Linear world so that new wounding does not occur.

The good news is that there are many things that each of us can do to embrace our ADD brainstyle. Not only are these ways not difficult, they are readily achievable. This site will help guide you to resources you can apply on your own or with the help of others. ADD friends, mentors, and specialists can assist you in finding hope and belief on our journey to strengthen the True You.

Live from your True Self,

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