Embracing A.D.D., a Healing Perspective

Embracing A.D.D., A Healing Perspective, showcases a source of energy never before harnessed. Instead of being disordered with gut-wrenching feelings of, “There’s something wrong with me,” you can learn to reframe your perspective of Attention Deficit Disorder (an Analogue Processing BrainStyle) in a way that makes you and others valuable and you can begin to understand how the world will be a better place when people with an A.D.D. BrainStyle are valued, full participants in our culture.

Embracing A.D.D., A Healing Perspective, is written by Lynn Weiss, Ph.D, a storyteller, field researcher, and memoir writer who uses real people’s experiences in order to tell the story of A.D.D. You are likely to meet yourself or someone you love or work with in the book’s pages.

Your first encounters in the book will be with those who are called The Wounded You. They are the ones who have been hurt because of being raised with the idea that there is something wrong with them.

Next you’ll learn about the healing of such wounding, which opens the door for an exploration of the True You, that wonderful “perfect for you” way in which you were born that makes you unique and valuable. Guided by examples of the many faces of A.D.D., you’ll come to discover your very own identity as you were always meant to express, learn by, and function.

Finally, you’ll be shown how to return to the mixed world of Diverse BrainStyles as a team player who brings what our society needs to become balanced; a world in which different people work together with no one losing.

Be prepared to see reflections of your life in Embracing A.D.D., A Healing Perspective, available now through the following booksellers:


Add and SuccessA.D.D. and Success

This book recounts the experiences of adults living successfully with attention deficit disorder. Acclaimed A.D.D. expert Dr. Lynn Weiss tells the stories of 15 individuals who have learned to incorporate A.D.D. attributes positively into their lives and triumph.




Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults - by ADD author Lynn Weiss PhDAttention Deficit Disorder In Adults

A.D.D. in Adults  (4th edition) faces the task of cutting through the storms of controversy and media attention that has increasingly surrounded the dozens of new treatments and philosophies of recent years. As always Lynn Weiss cuts through the noise and gets to the point in a human, caring, and professional way.

Clinical findings, diagnostic options, and a new list of attributes an easy-to-understand forms guide you to make educated decision about the identification of A.D.D., as well as providing new personal options to accommodate your particular type of A.D.D. with family and friends and at the work place. Your emotional well being and self-esteem will definitely benefit form this up-to-date summary of current

Finally, you ‘ll see the evolution A.D.D. as a diversity issue faced by all of us on the A.D.D. continuum as we identify and heal wounding we’ve received because of our A.D.D. way and discovery of our True Self, followed by further protection of our Accommodating Self that reconnects with a culture that is not a good fit for our A.D.D. style of brain construction, but one that is much needed in today’s world. You discover what a valuable commodity you can become.


The New Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults – WORKBOOK by ADD author Lynn Weiss PhDThe New Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults – WORKBOOK

A companion volume to the bestselling book Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults, and to View from the Cliff: A course in Achieving Daily Focus, New ADD in Adults Workbook offers tools and techniques designee the user a practical and effective method of dealing with A.D.D.

Designed to bring people with an innate, natural A.D.D. style of  brain construction in alignment with the valuable use of their attributes so that they  fit into the needs and expectations of a surrounding culture that has not previously understood the value of their diverse brain style.

This workbook is designed to be used by a person with A.D.D. attributes, with couples in joint sharing sessions that will increase learning with this who are A.D.D. and those without. It is a excellent group learning took that can be used in educational settings, by career groups, and community and family groupings, senior centers, and the like.

Topics cover Organization, Following Through to Success, Behaving Yourself, Using and Protecting Your Sensitivity, Succeeding at Work and finally, preparing for the development of your True Self.

A practical and effective method of dealing with A.D.D. that truly works.


View from the Cliff: A Course in Achieving Daily Focus by ADD author Lynn Weiss PhDView from the Cliff: A Course in Achieving Daily Focus

View from the Cliff: A Course in Achieving Daily Focus imparts new hope not only to A.D.D.-style thinkers, but to anyone challenged with self-esteem issues or seeking to achieve their goals. With her simple, straightforward program, Dr. Weiss lays out the tools and techniques to help sharpen existing strengths an and develop new ones.

Diversity it the key to working together. Utilizing both an A.D.D. approach as well as a Linear one for people on either end of the BrainStyle Continuum, you will find that you are better able to work both alone and in relation others.

Areas of interest cover: Organizing in New Ways, Following Through to Success, Behaving Yourself, Using and Protecting Your Sensitivity, Succeeding at Work, and Deciding What to Do while Building a Life According to What You Believe.

View from the Cliff teaches the identification of Woundedness in relation to BrainStyle, Healing steps that can be taken before discovering the True You that leads directly to Success. Once the True You is identified and put into action, you will be able to feel renewed Self-esteem, Joy in relation to what you do, and the Power  to manifest the best of what you have to offer. And it will be good enough.


A.D.D. on the Job - making ADD work for you, by ADD author Lynn Weiss PhDA.D.D. on the Job – Making your ADD work for you!

Here is practical, sensitive advice for the employee, boss, coworkers, and friends. A.D.D. on the Job suggests advantages that the A.D.D. worker possesses, how to find the right job, and how to keep it. Employers and coworkers will learn what to expect from a fellow worker with A.D.D. and the most effective ways to work with them.

Positive attributes will woo the reader to love theirs and others A.D.D. BrainStyle by fitting into jobs that absolutely require A.D.D. attributes. Yet, guidelines to handling troublesome A.D.D. aspects such as “The Uh-huh Phenomena” or drifting off while trying to implement a Linear style of Brain Construction.

You’ll be able to find your basic A.D.D. styles, what jobs you’ll best fit into, and how to be on top of your game as you understanding of yourself leads to success in the work place as well as the home. Discover the sensitive, practical advise you need to be effective and content with your job and life. Enjoy being who you dreamed of becoming and always wanted to be.

Don’t forget to check out the 101 Tips for Managing your A.D.D.


A.D.D. and Creativity by ADD author Lynn WeissA.D.D. and Creativity

Being a person with a predominantly A.D.D. style of Brain Construction, means that you are likely to have a high level of creativity regardless of the type of BrainStyle that reflects creative thinking. But because an A.D.D. BrainStyle is general valued less in a typically Linear Western culture, individuals may know that they have a valuable skill that is strong part of their True Self.

But with A.D.D. and Creativity will show you how to embrace your BrainStyle at the same time that you realize the value of your own way of learning and expressing yourself.

Dr. Weiss includes:

  • How to identify your particular talents and abilities.
  • How to overcome inhibitions and regain your lost creativity.
  • How to use your creativity in the workplace or to make a living.
  • How to improve your life and the lives around you using your innate creative abilities.

A.D.D. and Creativity will help you achieve your dream.


Give Your ADD Teen a Chance: A Guide for Parents of Teenagers With Attention Deficit Disorder - by ADD author Lynn Weiss PhDGive Your A.D.D. Teen a Chance: A Guide for Parents of Teenagers With Attention Deficit Disorder

Expert help for parents of A.D.D. teens. Determine which issues are caused by “normal” teenage development and which are caused by A.D.D. This book examines the academic challenges A.D.D teens face, offering tips for success at school and guidelines for discipline, guidance, and responsibility.