Charged With “Too Much Energy?”

Having a high level of energy (physically, mentally, and emotionally) has historically been considered a sure symptom of ADD/ADHD. But in my forthcoming book, Embracing A.D.D., A Healing Perspective (pub date mid-2015) you’ll see not a symptom, but instead an attribute of ADD with as many positive uses as negative.

We tend to live in a society where too much of something is judged negatively. It is not a good thing.

Occasionally, having too little of something is also not good. But generally, too much is considered more problematic than having too little.

Being considered too much is frowned upon.  Thus, too much often leads to punishment or rejection. On the other hand, too little of something may draw help. “Oh, poor dear, you seem tired. Rest a bit and perhaps you’ll have more energy.”

Being considered having too little of something is likely to yield a statement of fact, often accompanied by sympathy rather than a judgment or retribution.

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Finding the Right Fit for High Activity Levels

A dispatcher sends a 911 call to the field radio of every volunteer firefighter in the area. “Fire, Fire.”

Directions are given, commands are communicated, and off fly the men and women who have earned their firefighting credentials.

Whew! Fast is too slow a word to describe the next few minutes. Equipment needs to be surveyed and coordinated with the current job. Those driving directly to the fire site must do so safely, but very, very quickly.

Firefighting draws high energy people who don’t much like to sit still. Such men and women can often be identified with ADHD, as they leave a trail of dust behind them on their way to saving lives, property, and even the environment.

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To be sure, it’s not helpful if you have a high activity level and are required to sit at a desk for long hours, but that doesnt mean you are disordered. Your task is to learn what you can do that non-ADD (Linear people) can’t do, learn what you must do to manage what is getting you in trouble, and make adjustments so you can accomplish a task that doesn’t fit you with minimum troublesome discomfort to you or others.

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Nows the Time to Hear Your Story

It now the time to let us hear your story. You or someone with whom you live or work, teach, or share space likely have experiences others can use. You’ll add to what works and what doesn’t and come up with creative solutions that can save you from trouble as well as reward your very special ADD high energy level attribute.

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Lynn Weiss,
Live from your True Self


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3 Responses to Charged With “Too Much Energy?”

  1. Your book and this website are the best I’ve seen on this subject!

    Along with Elaine Aron’s Highly Sensitive Person, and Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods (and The Nature Principle) these are the things I recommend to anyone who is “wired differently” and treated as if they have a disorder that needs to be medicated into submission.

    In a group therapy situation, I was told “you are being monitored for ADD”… as if I was being watched for some sort of subversive behavior. Then” why don’t you try the medication…”

    Say what? without a specific diagnosis? Without being given multiple options? (including, perhaps, life coaching). EXCUSE ME WHAT?!?!? (conversing like a mariner, using literary license, several expletives deleted).

    But this is our culture, and the effect of our health care system being run by $$$$ and Big Pharma.

    So this site and these books and downloads are a refreshing breath of truly fresh air that I will continue to share wherever I can.

  2. PS: “learn to avoid wounding yourself in ill-fitting environments” resonates with me. I have worked with a couple of wildlife rehabbers, and in educational talks, pointed out the differences between various animals and their environments as well as between domestic and wild.

    Accipters and falcons make fantastic falconry birds for an experienced falconer because of their wiring for speed and quick reactions. Also makes them more reactive and sensitive. I met a guy who had some odd marks around his eyes…. “What happened?” said I… “My goshawk tried to land on my face…” We had one falcon, a kestrel (small and less frantic than say, a peregrine). We had no accipiters as lecture birds. We had buteos (redtail hawk, broadwinged hawk) and owls, who generally hunt from perches or by soaring. You could carry them into a classroom full of squirmy third graders and they would generally be OK.

    I read a book called A Wolf in the Family, in which a guy tried to raise a wolf in suburbia. He learned quickly why even a husky is a domestic dog and a wolf isn’t. The wolf is wired for survival, to notice everything, to be HSP/ADD, to pay attention to the least little thing, it CANNOT ignore sirens and cars and a gazillion smells emanating from garbage and clutter and things crammed into a city. Even working dogs can’t function in artificial environments like apartments for long; a Border Collie will start herding your kids, and a Siberian will eat your couch and do the Siberian 500 off the walls…

    There’s nothing wrong with the Wolf, or the Siberian, or the Goshawk, or the barn owl. They just aren’t a cow or a Golden Retriever or a chicken or a parakeet. They need the sort of environment suited for them.

    I adopted a mustang from Oregon back in 1985. She’s run wiild for the first 8 years of her life. to her dying day at age 29 she remained more alert, more aware and more in tune with her surroundings than my clueless domestic horses. She was kind and sensible and awesome… just like our ADDers.

  3. Lynn Weiss says:

    Teanna Byerts,
    You may know by now why I haven’t gotten back to you. Besides computer “issues” and personal low tech skills, I just wrote a couple paragraphs and then managed to erase them. I apologize again, in case you didn’t get the first one.

    You know, I identify considerably with you and it’s a wonder how I’ve managed to be as helpful as apparently I have been. But, like you, I am sensitive as they come, see all, lots of wolf energy and awareness on a lot of levels, see pictures in my mind and am a hands-on learner and worker.

    I hope to continue an on-going dialogue with you that can be shared with others as a wonderful description of how terrific ADD in natural environments, i.e., environments that fit us can be.

    I once was gifted with the opportunity to release a red-tailed hawk from the North Texas Raptor Center in McKinney TX. This was after having participated in their lay/volunteer raptor rehabilitation program at that time. And it was twenty years ago and I miss it to move to Central Texas, a lovely place environmentally. But now back in the city and aware of the great difference it makes to be away from nature and that which calls to many of us.

    With a new book coming out, due in the bookstores Aug 1, I’m inundated by details and many hours with neither humans to dialogue with nor movement to stir up the positive energy of our being. Reaching out through these lines to others who write well, like you, and share well, like you, and have a story to tell, makes it all tolerable.

    I take it from what I’ve seen of your website that you are very involved in the wold of the out-of-doors. May I support you in finding and living out that which obviously fit you, regardless of what others, be they experts or not, say about what they don’t understanding.

    I’m in all of this not to prove we are better, nor allow others to say we are lesser. We certainly don’t have a “disorder.” But, oh, we have so much that will inspire others and also make the world a more balanced place that it has become.

    Please join me and I will do much better, as much as I can, in responding in a short time and with words of use to you. I’m needing in addition to working on my next two blogs to preparing for the marketing and sales aspects of the book release. But communicating with others is far more important to me than the mechanics, though I do know what keeps the machinery running.

    I am an elder and my goal at tis time is release what I’ve had the opportunities to learn in a long life. I am well and strong, but don’t need to go back and do what I’ve done before. So, I invite you to join me and the freedom brought by releasing ADD from the bondage of a lack of value in our modern cultures. Join in any way that you wish. Take what you want and hopefully, you will be satisfied with being a part of a 21st Century awareness that will serve all people.

    With caring and gladness at meeting you,
    I send smiles and the embracing of ADD in all its forms,
    Lynn Weiss

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