Embracing A.D.D.: The gift of a Lifetime

Did you know that by embracing your A.D.D. as a valuable part of yourself that you’ll be able to use the wonderful gift brainstyle your brainstyle has made available to you? If you’re greatly active, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally, you more than likely have lots of right-brained, A.D.D. You may have all four styles of activity, or only one or two. But no matter how many seem to be who  you truly are, I want to tell you that you can learn to use your natural brainstyle to advantage.

Maybe you have already followed the path that fits you best–the more naturally you were allowed to develop, the more likely you are that you will have found the True You at a young age, without even knowing what you were doing–except, that is, that you were doing what liked best.

What a wonderful way to live. What a gift to be given by those who love you!

But, even under the best of condition, much less the worst, you will have been nudged and even shoved to act in ways that didn’t fit you, that didn’t feel good, that caused you emotional depression and anger, or that alienated you from others in your environs. Perhaps, too often you felt yourself to be the Outsider.

But, like the lion raised in a sheep camp, you could only feel “different” as a result. More than likely no one meant you harm. But harmed many of us were because we couldn’t be who and what we weren’t and aren’t

The really good news is that, if you’re old enough to read this blog, you are old enough to do something about feeling an Outsider, an alien, or a Mis-fit. Begin the wonderful stage of finding out about being A.D.D. and hang out with others of your kind.

How do you find such folks. Allow yourself to do things that you love and like. No matter how you spend your “work” days, or majority of your time, take time to go out of that box and into a world that you’ve always dreamed of. Find your fit and observe how others got there. Get others stories and I’ll bet you find stories to which you can relate. That’s a sure sign that you’re on your own way to validating The True You.

Then you can live The True Life more completely, or integrate elements of The True You into your everyday life. I believe you’ll begin to experience a joy that has escaped you while you were in the identifying with the “wrong” camp for you. The “other’s” ways aren’t innately wrong, but are only wrong for you. and the same goes for others trying to be like you.

Each of you deserves to be just the way you are naturally. Honor your True Way and celebrate the happiness that you experience.

Remember, it takes one to know one.


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One Response to Embracing A.D.D.: The gift of a Lifetime

  1. Lauren says:

    Life gets easier when people with LD Learn to live with thir LD and try to find a way to live with it. Sometimes findingjust meeting other people who are kind and understanding helps, not alot of people will be others with Ld i was in a school full of them and became lucky, if there were groups or places to meet other LD people with outgoing online it woueld help so many in my opinion. the problem is is that you can meet other LD people online but you cant see them so you don’t really know them, so its hard to trust them, because you don’t know who they are you cant get to know them. it would be so nice i believe for other people in different places to meet people with LD i think there should be places avalible, the school i went to cost alot and was extremely expensive, thats the other parts, for people with LD now to get what they need they need to go to a different school or need to pay alot of money to get the help; they need. its because of this that many wont be able to get help and it breaks my hearts. so many other Ld kids should be able to meet other ld kids to know their not alone, it makes them feel alot better and have a little more confidence.

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