Embracing ADD


You will find a new way to look at what our society calls Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. You will learn, contrary to current popular belief, that between the two ways to approach life – Linear and Analogue – neither is better or more productive than the other; they are just different from one another. Each is as needed and as valuable as the other.

Having an Analogue brainstyle is not new, but to be considered a “condition” that is abnormal is new. I invite you to consider that a non-Linear brainstyle is not something that must be fixed, but can be valued the same as a Linear brainstyle.

Regardless of your brainstyle, life requires navigation. When you understand what causes difficulties from being ADD, however, you can then accommodate and work around the mis-matching requirements between your brainstyle and what you’re being asked to do. You will find information that can help guide you in your career and relationships. Situations that are presenting challenges will improve as you see what you have to contribute to others and what you want to receive from others in work, play, intimacy, and family life.


I welcome you to join in on the conversation, meet up with others who have lots of tips for you and make use of what you’ve found out about utilizing the advantages of your wonderful brainstyle. Achieving your intended goals may be more difficult if your self-esteem has been devalued or if your wounding has resulted in fear, anxiety, grief, anger, and/or depression. My intention is to provide community to help reduce your pain and discomfort while providing you with the help and support needed for healing and growth.


You will find wonderful new ways to see yourself and become more effective as you learn to accommodate the attributes that linger in the shadows. And, you’ll find opportunities to either heal old stresses from ADD or help others who are still struggling. You will find a community with whom you feel immediate camaraderie and be able to share a common thread of understanding.

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