Helping Yourself and Finding Help

At some point in time, everyone has to be their own therapist, even for a little while: take responsibility to help if you can’t figure out what to do for yourself.

Sometimes it will be a Friend, it can be a Therapist who’s trained, or it can be someone who has the intuitive, empathic gift to know when to support but not enable you.

We all need a special Helper.

Sometimes a Teacher comes along that knows how to both elicit and explain things to us because they have learned not just a body of knowledge, but have experienced what they are teaching.

Caution must be in your hand, though because sometimes teachers don’t realize that what they are teaching is not helping you to learn.  Their intent may be good, but the result may hurt you.

Don’t be afraid to say, “Thank you for your time and effort. I want to think about what you’ve told me.”

Then leave the situation and, in fact, do think about what was shared. If after a while, it still puzzles you, or makes you feel poorly, consider speaking with a different person. It’s okay. Or if you have a history with the person and have generally felt trust with him or her, return and tell the person what you’re feeling.

Sometimes people have off days and sometimes their own concerns get in the way of their being able to see you and your concerns clearly. A second chance is worthwhile with a history of trust. Perhaps you’ll be able to weather through this gently and come to a better understanding that embraces both of you.

Clarity of another’s perspective is a great gift, after which, you can give heartfelt, “Thank you.”

Live from your True Self,

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