It’s the Telling of the A.D.D.Tale Through Mentorship

Writing Embracing A.D.D., A Healing Perspective, is opening my eyes further than previously about the brainstyle called Attention Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity. What a journey from the beginning, thirty two years ago when I was told that my then eight year old could do his school work if he’d just try, if he’d just pay attention. My personal light bulb went off that day and had glowed increasingly brightly every day since.

It is true that I love many kinds of people. Diversity has always been the fodder for my attention and interests. Perhaps it is yet another characteristic of ADD/ADHD. But regardless, I find as I sit writing here in Arizona, the state in which I grew up and have always felt a kinship with in my heart, that I not only like diversity, but I see it as the key to joy and wholeness. For, I believe, all things, people, and states of being play a role in making the Whole truly whole while creating a balance that brings the rhythm of diverse growth to create places of peace, completeness, and satisfaction within.  A sense of value can then emanate from the very depth of our beings.  And as I accept other’s differences, I find that I am enriched. I can borrow from their presence, what I don’t have. And I can give to others in turn what I have that allows them to experience their balance more completely.

So, today, I tell you, the writing of Embracing A.D.D. is truly Telling the Tale of living, starting with how is has been, what it is like now because of the diversity called ADD and what it can be as we de-pathologize this wonderful contribution of brainstyle for others to learn about and team with to the end that will benefit each of us.

You’ll be finding a chapter in the book about Mentorship, an easy, natural way to pass to others the skills learned by those farther down the path of ADD/ADHD than you may be. You can learn what others have learned about living and working with an ADD style of brain construction. You can find the keys to honoring our differences while strengthening our ability to accommodate those whose brainstyles are different from ours.

I ask that others learn about the offerings of ADD so they, in turn can build onto their more linear style of brain construction by learning the gifts that we ADD/ADHD people bring to the table. Together we will become a Team of Wholeness.


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