Meet Lynn Weiss

Life is my workshop as I strive to sharpen my self-awareness and live what I teach. I am a healed healer, who has walked the path of which I speak.

For me there are two levels of learning. First I am qualified because I have learned who I am and what fits me on my journey through life. Secondly, I have obtain considerable academic training and experience so I can see the world from other’s perspectives and know what is considered to be the cultural and social “way things are.”

My greatest understanding has come through learning about the tough times and finding ways to heal and then help others to work around what come on their paths, too.

I believe that academic success, business success, and creative success occurs when contributing to the well-being of others.  I love sharing my most dearly held life lessons through the written and spoken word, and integrating my learned background with my heart-felt human and spiritual values. I seek deep understanding of human relationships.

Influenced by a life that began as a lonely, only child with learning differences, I have emerged as a real person with humility wrought of having traveled uphill. I most value my family and friends as teachers who helped me translate years of schooling into practical, accessible, alive clarity for use in everyday life.

I strive to live my message, with compassion and courage. Through my family and, at times, hard won relationships, I have learned the value of each person with whom I have walked life’s path. There’s no question in my mind that we are “all in this (life) together.” We all contribute our potential and mess-ups in fairly equal amounts as we move through each day’s challenges.

I honor diversity and I hold a belief that all people have an inner sense of who and what they are and are meant to be. By and large, people do the best they can at a given moment. If they could do better they would. And the wisdom to know many of reasons and ways in which people get off track becoming the best that they can for their own good and for the good of all, for, you see, we need ALL the available differences in order to make the Whole of Humanity.

What I want now, is to pass on whatever I know and continue to share the vision I’ve been given, the wisdom I’ve accumulated and the enthusiasm I feel to learn for the good of all. I look forward to exploring further with you.

If you are being drawn to figure out how you fit in life, and how your style of brain construction affects you, if you are realizing the need for help and sensing that a change or healing opportunity is timely for you, NOW, and if it feels right, I encourage you to explore this website and subscribe to my blog.

I invite you to join my journey of the value of believing in ourselves as we are made and the importance of finding our true and rightful path that belongs to the core of our being.

I look forward to connecting with you as I use the gifts I’ve been given, and live what I love.

Live from your True Self,

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