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Lynn Weiss, Ph.D. ADD/ADHD Pioneer

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Lynn Weiss PhD ADD ADHD Pionner Lynn Weiss PhD ADD ADHD Pionner Lynn Weiss PhD ADD ADHD Pionner

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Lynn Weiss, Ph.D. is known as a pioneer in the field of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Her emphasis is on adults, since, thanks to her early hard work and that of others who followed, it was discovered that ADD/ADHD is not a “condition” that only affects children.

With a practical, down-to-earth approach, laid out for those with an ADD style of brain construction, Lynn’s work is the outgrowth of field research, clinical psychotherapy and counseling experience. She learned from living with ADD through four generations in her own family. Her radio talk show in Dallas, Texas in the 1980s and 1990s and her workshops and training seminars completed a well-rounded education about ADD, when hundreds of people spoke to her on air, at radio-sponsored gatherings and in auditoriums through the country. They told their stories and the stories were consistent regardless of where she heard the voices of desperation followed by hope from Alaska to Pennsylvania, from California to Canada.

Lynn’s greatest audiences and most sought after consultations at the Dr. Lynn Weiss Center in Dallas came from ordinary people who always sensed something was amiss. But they hadn’t been able to quite figure out why they could dream so much more than they could produce.

In the early days, Lynn partnered with these people, developing support groups so together they could figure out what to do about this thing called “Attention Deficit Disorder.” When one woman wanted a reading list, it was necessary to tell her there were no books written about ADD in adulthood. So, you guessed it; Lynn Weiss wrote the first one to emerge on the national market.

From then an informal partnership continued to work for all involved. Professionals, lay people and family members shared what they had figured out. Together they parlayed their conversations and newly learned skills with one another. Those participating sensed and sought what could be done to truly allow people to live up to their intelligence and talents despite the way in which their brain was constructed.

You can now take advantage of what has been discovered with Lynn’s books that cut to the chase and give answers and direction so you can find out what works for you. In the end, you will find your way to become all you are meant to be. And you will feel better about yourself and your life than you’ve ever felt.

Lynn Weiss is a pioneer in the way she thinks about ADD/ADHD. She has reframed how the world understands it. Her writing also increasingly have become dedicated to de-pathologizing ADD.

Lynn sees this wonderful brainstyle, as an alternative way of processing the world—one that perfectly normal. It’s an asset not an abnormality to eliminate. Rather, you can and must learn to be who you truly are by finding what fits the True You while learning tips to accommodate what doesn’t fit you so you know longer get wounded by a misfitting task. You will end up bringing diversity to the ways of learning, earning, and achieving balanced, whole outcomes.

Her groundbreaking books include:

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