People who associate with ADD/ADHD having in-depth discussions that inspire a brilliant exchange of insights.

Inspired by Embracing A.D.D., a Healing Perspective, R.A.D.D. is a Social Network of people with analogue BrainStyles.  We’ve lived life, walked the talk, and made inroads into overcoming the limitations that are prevalent because of our culture. We want for us to go beyond the “disease/disorder” model to a place where Diversity in BrainStyles and the range of brain construction is recognized and valued in our society: workplace, school, home, and within our hearts.

The R.A.D.D. Mission

To embrace ADD/ADHD as a brainstyle rather than a disorder or deficit and champion the cause of BrainStyle Diversity.

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Orange County, California R.A.D.D. MeetUp | Established October 2015

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5 Responses to R.A.D.D.

  1. Hello Lynn
    I re-discovered you today on FB through Terry Matlen.
    It was around 2001 when I discovered Daniel Amen and first heard ‘Healing ADHD.’ I became an ADHD Coach (ADDCA 2004), joined the ACO as it was being formed and worked on and off the board for years. I just completed my MACC (2015) and practice my version of coaching/therapy services in person and on the phone. I live/work in metro-Atlanta and I hear your message on SPD, RADD, and Languaging loud and clear. I will go home and go back through my library to pull out your books for a re-acquaintance session.
    I live with ADHD/LD/SPD and have suffered what has been termed extreme social trauma throughout my life. I look forward to receiving your blog and uncovering how to incorporate your social concepts with my clients.
    Best wishes,
    404-713-0488, maureen@maureennolan.net

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