Smashadron and His Family: Is There Hope?

Let me introduce you to an acquaintance of mine. I can’t call Sam Senior a friend because by nature, he really can’t be a friend to anyone–after all, there’s no room for anyone but him. He needs it that way.

Now, what if we want to say, Smashadrom Sam Senior is one big “DUDE” with a very insensitive nature. He the sort of guy who is so insecure that he projects like a 1o ton truck to convince himself that he is “something,” “someone” and, above all, “very important.” “SEE ME,” he says day and night. So sad!

He thinks that, if he’s smart, he will pick a partner who is also insecure, but shows it in an opposite way from him–a excrutiatingly humble partner who’s hardly expressive and will never counter anything he says, stand for, for wants.

After all, One-Voice-Fits-All. Me and Only Me!

Tell me your story about these folks. Know anyone like them?                                                Or do you know one person like this who has a different way of being self-expressive.  I can hardly wait to hear from you.

I’ll tell you more about Cynthia and her two kids in the next blog.

Dr. Lynn,                                                                                                                                            The Compassionate Healer to those who want to experience healing.


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