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Writing in the ADD-Way: “Progress is Our Most Important Product”

“Progress is our most important product,” was a phrase with which I was raised. As I mentioned in the last blog (9/24/13), I wasn’t sure if I knew where I was heading when I began writing Embracing A.D.D., A Healing Read more ...

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The Child You Once Were: An A.D.D. Child’s Experience

As I began to write my first draft of my new book, Embracing A.D.D.: A Healing Perspective, I thought I would introduce the idea of The True You, that innate core within ourselves that reflects the attributes of Attention … Read more ...

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The Fullness of Living ADD and the Wounding of Living ADD


Your poetic comment is heartfelt, beautiful, painful and, above all, REAL.

The first step to healing wounding is being willing to feel. By feeling instead of shutting off or drowning our feelings, we all can use the best of Read more ...

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Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults – A new (as yet untitled) book calling for your input

I’m working on a new ADD Book– JOIN ME!      

I’m looking for examples of the many ways in which Attention Deficit Disorder affects those of us with this wonderful, much mis-understood style of brain construction. 

I don’t intend to rehash Read more ...

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