The Fullness of Living ADD and the Wounding of Living ADD


Your poetic comment is heartfelt, beautiful, painful and, above all, REAL.

The first step to healing wounding is being willing to feel. By feeling instead of shutting off or drowning our feelings, we all can use the best of what our style of brain construction brings us and truly find ways to accommodate what remains to be managed because of wounding in settings that don’t fit, by people who don’t understand us, and situations that are inflexible. 

Thank you for repsonding to my blog request. I see that you told your story in a few words–a story that many of us with ADD can relate to. You must be a writer, whether professionally or because you cannot not write. 

I invite you to write me. I’d like to learn more about you and your “story”.  If you’re willing, send me an expansion of your poem in prose filling in more of the specifics of our life. Pull about five items from your list of “woundings” and tell me specifically of one situation where it occurred. Send it to if you would like to continue. 

I hope to hear from you.



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