The 3 Types of ADD/ADHD

Let’s say that you work in an office and like to “people gaze” during lunch time.
You’re a particularly empathetic, sensitive type of person who notices similarities and differences between your workmates.

You remember from a conversation that Jake, once mentioned that he’d been a hyperactive kid who was basically a good kid but was always getting into trouble—little troubles and yellow warning post its sent home with him at the end of the day. His offenses on a given day might range from talking out of turn in class, getting up and wandering around the classroom, jiggling a shared work table with his foot or failing to stay in line on the way to lunch.

Now, you notice he still jiggles his foot, walks around and talks a lot–no wonder he’s a successful salesperson.

Then there’s the quiet Techie, Georgio, who can fix anything, mechanical or technical. He is totally disorganized though somehow he always know where his tools are even when they are under a pile of other tools, newspapers and left-over lunch cartons. He’s restless, though his movements are less visible than Jake’s.

Finally, there’s Mr. Finance, the company’s CPA who comes and goes at financially critical times like the end of the month and at times when a bid is being discussed for new projects. He holes us in a corner at HIS DESK that carries a sign, “Don’t You Dare Touch Anything.”

Mr. F is also a foot jiggler like Jake, is quiet like Georgio except when he’s tracking an error in the accounting. You learned almost immediately after meeting Mr. F. that he was not to be disturbed no matter what if he was in the middle of anything.

It didn’t matter if it was lunch time, the end of the day, “Do Not Disturb” was the order of the day. Ignoring that command mean a voluminous roar followed by a foot stomping exit form the room. Where did Mr. Quiet go?

What do these three men have in common? Attention Deficit Disorder.

How could they and be so different? Easy. There are three basic types of ADD:

  1. Outwardly Expressed ADD ( called ADHD).
  2. Inwardly Directed ADD
  3. Highly Structured ADD

You’ll see the common factors shared by each of the types, but also personality and behavioral differences brought to each individual’s expression of their ADD. To learn more about the Jakes, Georgio’s and Mr. Finance’s of the world, go to and you’ll find The Three Types Of ADD as a free download.

You’ll discover that the BrainStyle Diversity called, Attention Deficit Disorder also had within it a Diversity of traits that help us understand the diversity of this wonderful style of brain construction. How wonderful to celebrate the Embracing of variability from our BrainStyle garden of individual traits.

Live from your True Self,

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