Untitled ADD book in the making

Two weeks ago ( June 9), I posted a blog entitled “Atention Deficit Disorder in Adults — A New As Yet Untitled Book” in which I seek input in ways in which ADD affects us, for ill or for wonderfulness.

A big “thank you” to those who have responded.

      So many good things about our ADD/ADHD brainstyle coming from sales land marketing folks, a guitarist/singer, innovators in all fields, teachers who truly see the big picture, and many more.

And, of course, difficulties that come simultaneous with the talents of an ADD brainstyle: organizing details is high on the list: feeling overwhelmed by lots and lots of new ideas in the beginning without the skill to calmly priortize what to do first; telling “white lies” to cover feeling of “I ought to be able to do A, B, or C, without realizing that none of us knows all the anwers, especialy on a new job with a boss we want to impress, or “coming on too strong in an effort to impress others that you’re as awesome as you dreamto be while feeling inadequate. 

Each of these difficulties comes from a true story. And each is the result of having wonderful attributes and talents along with hopes and dreams but without the support and experience of believing in yourself. 

So I know that the new book will need stories about people like these with guidance and support to fulfill their dreams. I hereby commit to include these. 

The next thing that I’ve learned is that the time is right to help each other. No one expert has all the answers, but we all have answers for each other. And although medication at times is useful, it does not “fix” the issues that haunt most people with an ADD style of brain construction.

So I will include dialogue in the development of a Mentorship Model, which means connecting to each other in small groups. For the time being, I will rely on your response to my blog. 

Look forward to hearing from you.




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One Response to Untitled ADD book in the making

  1. Kimberly says:

    whispering about baby birds taking their first steps
    gathering wild flowers on the ditch banks
    decorating future houses in my imagination
    noticing full moons behind tree lines
    spreading arms of love to my soul mate
    rocking babies wrapped in fresh blankets
    smiling at students assuring their safety
    welcoming new neighbors with pastries still warm
    reaching out to encourage anyone, everyone, but myself

    sleeping before bedtime
    making unrealistic lists
    crying without reason
    arriving late again
    forgetting to call
    slamming doors
    finding letters not mailed
    making plans
    crouching in the corner
    throwing shoes
    regretting plans made
    waiting for normal

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