Who am I? Embracing Diversity

“Who am I?” is a question that most of us have pondered in our lifetime. I have come to believe that the answer is both extremely important and extremely simple. So, I would ask you to consider what you have a been taught to believe about yourself by other people in your family, community, and culture.

  • Have you learned to see people as good or bad or worthy or “worthless?”
  • Do you measure your own status and value in relation to other’s thinking that you are better than they are or by fearing that you don’t measure up to others?

As a person with an A.D.D. brainstyle, I have come to believe in a way that brings resolution to a previously “Win-Lose” judgment about how each of us is made. I do this by introducing the word, Diversity into my vocabulary.

You, too can discover that as soon as you introduce the idea of Embracing Brainstyle Diversity, you will reduce any pain, fear, and doubt previously inhabited you. No more is there room for such judgments. We each have inherent value that has a place in our world.

When you ask Who am I? ! Diversity is the Answer. I not only know that we all need each other, but that we need each other’s Differences in order to make a whole outcome: For a child to be conceived, it takes a male and a female; for a medical intervention, it requires a highly trained professional and a compassionate healer; to build a strong, beautiful product it takes an inventor/thinker and an artistically expressive designer and visionary. We need teamwork.

Balancing Diversity using teamwork maximizes the value of your how you are constructed while supporting and honoring the diverse contribution brought by a person with a non-A.D.D. brainstyle. The result for both of you is the gift of belief in your unique way of being made.

In that spirit, I offer to you what I have to give as I share the positive attributes of A.D.D. while honoring those who can have a different non-A.D.D brainstyle. I encourage you to stay tuned so you can find answers to your concerns,  and to comment below to share your differences, and your joyful outcomes.

Live from your True Self,

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